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Today’s real estate market is undergoing profound change. At Keys REIM, we aren’t just dreaming about the city of the future: we’re financing and actively helping to build that city by focusing on our four core businesses :


Keys REIM is a French asset management company owned by Keys Asset Management Group, and authorised by the French Financial Markets Authority under number GP-16000011.

Harnessing our real estate expertise, we offer an array of diversified and complementary investment solutions. We refine our solution using four investment strategies: property management, property development, financing development operations and private equity advisory.

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The Funds mentioned on this website are not currently authorized for active marketing outside of their country of origin. Numerous eligibility, regulatory, or statutory restrictions and conditions, which are either not described or mentioned only in highly summarised form on this website, apply to the subscription or acquisition of these Funds, how they are presented and promoted by intermediaries (based in particular on the investor’s place of residence), the eligibility criteria related to the investor (particularly based on his or her financial knowledge, financial strength, regulated or unregulated status, varying categorization from one country to another, etc.) or to the minimum required investment per the Fund’s documentation.

Generally speaking, Keys Asset Management’s Funds are intended only for professional investors or the equivalent and for qualified investors.

The risks, commissions, and investment horizons recommended for the presented Funds are indicated in detail in the Fund disclosure document, which must be provided to the subscriber before any subscription or acquisition. This official documentation is only available from entities of the Keys Asset Management group or partnering third parties expressly authorized or mandated by Keys Asset Management, sometimes exclusively in a given region and/or a defined segment of investors.

The value of those Funds’ investments and the revenue arising from them may go up or down and are in no event guaranteed. The amount initially invested might not be recovered.

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Keys REIM is committed to socially responsible investing (SRI)

Keys REIM is committed to socially responsible investing (SRI)

Our SRI vision : championing a culture of innovation to adapt to changes in the real estate sector

A new real estate paradigm is reshaping the very fabric of our regions and cities, which we will reinvent as more sustainable, more connected, and more human. The real estate sector is being transformed by digitalisation, the Internet of Things (IoT), an energy revolution and the circular economy. Our R&D unit is preparing the ground for these new phenomena.

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Founded in 2011, Keys Asset Management specialises in providing alternative and innovative real estate investment funds for experienced professional investors. By leveraging our ability to monitor the market and anticipate new trends, we’ve created pioneering investment vehicles focused on investors’ interests.

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Working alongside Naxicap Partners, a subsidiary of Natixis (a BPCE group company), we have developed an original approach which combines individual expertise with the agility of a human-sized company, research, and in-depth market knowledge.

About Naxicap Partners 

As one of the top private equity firms in France, Naxicap Partners – an affiliate of Natixis Investment Managers* – has €3.1 billion in assets under management. As a committed, responsible investor, Naxicap Partners builds solid, constructive partnerships with entrepreneurs so that their projects can succeed. The firm has 39 investment professionals spread across five offices in Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Nantes and Frankfurt.

For more information, visit

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Keys REIM has an unwavering and long-standing commitment to Financial Advisers (Conseillersen Gestion de Patrimoine [CGP]). Our team of facilitators has great coverage across the various regions in France. This way, the service we provide our partners is firmly localised.

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KEYS REIM is a key player in the French real estate investment market. Through our broad skillset and tailored expertise, we provide a first-class service to institutional investors.

New challenges

To stay ahead of competitors, you must also recognise present-day challenges and changes affecting the environment and our society. We want to conduct responsible investment practices. For this reason, our properties are subject to robust and fully compliant management processes.

Keys AM is a signatory to the United Nations’ Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), which promote the inclusion of companies’ environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria in investment decisions.

This means that during any acquisition or asset management process, we evaluate and address any related ESG challenges.

We strive to develop solutions for the future that respect environmental standards.

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Boasting an asset portfolio worth over €1.4 billion located in eight European countries, KEYS REIM offers institutional investors a global real estate service and solutions customised to match their risk profile and allocation objectives.

We deploy a set of diversified strategies to meet your specific need(s) :

Our institutional investor team


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You’ve worked a lifetime to establish your assets. They’re worthy of special attention compared with standard, conventional investment solutions.

In a fast-changing world and economy, we like to think outside the box. At Keys REIM, there’s no room for a standardised property investment business. We think that our clients deserve more than standardised investment products. We believe in the power of listening and advising. All of our efforts are focused on building your investment solutions.

We deploy a set of diversified strategies to cater to a wide spectrum of investor profiles :

Interested in learning more about our investment solutions?

We’ll put you in touch one of our partners, Financial Investment Advisers, who are located throughout France.

Keys REIM has an unwavering and long-standing commitment to Financial Investment Advisers. Our team of facilitators has great coverage across the various regions in France. This way, the service we provide our partners is firmly localised.

Interested in learning more about our investment solutions?

Get in touch with the Partnerships Manager for your region.

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