Regulatory Information

The KEYS Asset Management Group pays particular attention to environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues by implementing certain principles for responsible investment listed by UNPRI ( without having the said label.

Our environmental approach is echoed in the new practices of real estate professionals and the rise of various labels. When we are involved in project management for new construction or rehabilitation operations, we systematically aim to obtain environmental labels or certifications (HQE, Breeam, wiredscore, well…). We are therefore implementing an environmental management system by working with environmental consulting companies. For buildings acquired in VEFA, environmental quality is one of the criteria involved in the acquisition decision.

More generally, we are also very attentive to our impact and that of our corporate partners in terms of social responsibility, as well as their ability to offer products and services that meet today’s environmental responsibility challenges. In the real estate sector, great attention is traditionally paid to safety in the workplace.

It should be noted, however, that although very sensitive to these criteria, the investment strategies of some alternative investment funds managed by Keys REIM may marginally deviate from some or all of the points mentioned above.