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The Fund is aimed at :
  • Developing a portfolio of one or several controlling interests for the most part in all privately held companies (hereinafter referred to as “Companies”), mainly focused on acquiring real estate assets to create value then sell them on.
  • Providing an opportunity to achieve maximum returns on the real estate market in France and Europe.
The Fund indirectly seeks the marketing of real estate assets with solid fundamentals, at discounted prices, by sellers who are forced to sell their assets, who prefer to invest in other markets or who wish to trade off. The Fund indirectly seeks to capture this risk premium and create added value in the short/medium term by repositioning the real estate concerned in their market. The repositioning of these real estate assets focuses on the following priorities: renovation, optimising the occupancy rate and lease conditions, compliance, and change of use. The real estate assets will mainly be located in the Greater Paris region and in major regional cities. However, the Fund may capitalise on investing outside France, up to 25% of the amounts received. The majority of real estate transactions last between one to three years (effective from the purchase date to the sale date of the asset). [arve url="" align="center" maxwidth="500" /]